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I LOVE teaching group fitness classes – the sense of community, the energy and the sense of accomplishment at the end of a good class are things I strive to provide to members. At HomeBodies Fitness, I have found a way to do this virtually! My virtual classes are high energy, total body workouts that will get you the results you want. My focus is on good form, variety and customer satisfaction!

We also offer scheduled pre-recorded classes right now as well as some special “pop-up” classes. All pre-recorded classes are recorded in full and posted in The Vault so if you miss one, you can easily access it at your convenience and still feel like you are working out with the group. Both pre-recorded classes are great because they can be scaled up or down depending on your level of fitness. These classes add more variety and, especially with the pop-up classes, are a great way to introduce new formats.

Information about the classes of Home Bodies Fitness

Class Schedule

Pre-recorded class | Live Class | Level Up label stands for "Level-up class"
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Pre-recorded classes

Marit’s AB Lab
Level UP
Posted every Monday

Marit’s AB Lab

A fun, quick and creative 30-minute ab workout. Basic moves combined with more challenging ones to target your abdominal muscles and core.

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Low Impact with Marit
Posted every Tuesday

Low Impact with Marit

A 30-minute low impact workout that is perfect for the beginner or for anyone that just wants to slow it down a bit.

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20 & Tired
Posted every Thursday

20 & Tired

Only have 20 minutes? No problem! This quick, efficient workout is designed to get you sweaty and tired in just 20 minutes.

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* All live classes are recorded and posted in full in The Vault so you can access them at any time!
* Scheduled classes are live with exception of instructor illness/vacation/special circumstance. Every attempt will be made to secure a substitute. Pre-recorded classes will be offered in the event a live class cannot run.

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