Personal Training

Personal training is a passion for me.  I truly love working with individual clients to realize their goals.  When I think about the three core principles of my training style, I think about safety, progression and connection.

Safety – My number one priority is always safety.  I want to know as much about a new client as I can -injuries, health issues, lifestyle, diet- before starting a training regimen with them.  The more I know, the more I can protect the client. 

Progression – Progression is the best way to measure increased strength and ability and that is what I focus on with my clients.  Small changes in overload over time will challenge muscles and get results.  There are no quick fixes but consistency, patience and progression work.

Connection – Connecting with clients is crucial to being an effective personal trainer.  I believe that while my primary role is to give my clients a great workout, I am also there as a source of support and comfort.  I truly care about my clients and am lucky to call them all friends. 

About Personal Training at HomeBodies Fitness

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